Please take the time to read and understand this section carefully. These terms are set in place to protect the integrity of the service and ensure that it is safe for all of its users. Your continued use of Protoweb constitutes your acceptance of this User Agreement, and you agree to abide by them.

Permissible Use #

Protoweb can be used by any user with any networked computer, and even by experimental means as long as the use of the service is done in good faith. You agree to not knowingly connect a compromised computer on the Protoweb network. You are welcome to mirror pages and files from Protoweb, but please note your bandwidth use when doing so.

Institutional Use #

Institutions are welcome to use Protoweb. Interested parties are highly encouraged to contact Administrators of the Protoweb service as we may be able to provide accommodations to support the use of the service in your particular use case.

Limitations of Liability #

We take great measures to make sure all offered Protoweb services are safe to use, but we are unable to completely ensure that all content will be harmless in your particular use case(s). Early websites and downloads frequently contained software that was not fully tested, may not work, or may outright break or cause other damages to the software or hardware environment of any user using the Protoweb services. In addition, using outdated web browsers may come with additional security risks that are beyond our control. Due to these reasons, Protoweb services come with no warranty and/or guarantee of operation whatsoever. The Protoweb Team shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages resulting from using our service, except to the extent that such liability directly arises out of the negligence, willful misconduct or lack of good faith, or failure to comply with its standard of care herein. We expect users of the Protoweb services to make sure they are using a proper Antivirus software and have other adequate protections in place.

Age Limitations

To use Protoweb, you must be at least 18 years old or the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction. If you are a minor, you can only access the platform with the supervision and consent of a parent or legal guardian. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring minors comply with this User Agreement. Please be aware that certain content may be unsuitable for minors, even though we make efforts to maintain a safe environment.

By using Protoweb, you acknowledge and agree that Protoweb and its affiliates shall not be held liable for any access to unsuitable content by minors and that it is your responsibility to ensure that minors under your care use the platform with appropriate supervision.

Privacy Expectations #

By proceeding to use the service you understand and give your consent that your IP address, associated domain name and browser information is processed and recorded by the Protoweb server software. This information is tagged with a timestamp and page access (URI) information.

Service Abuse #

All activity, including browsing Protoweb pages and archived websites, logon attempts, page edits and all suspicious activity are logged across all platforms on Protoweb. Malicious activity, including vandalism and improper use of the Protoweb service is reported and will lead to banning access to the Protoweb platform without notice. Serious cases will be reported to the authorities. These measures are in place to protect the integrity of the Protoweb platform, as well as the content being distributed through the Protoweb service. By using any of the services provided by Protoweb, you are agreeing to all the terms outlined on this User Agreement.