Hundreds of websites

ProtoWeb encompasses hundreds of classic websites and more are added daily. Pages are meticulously reconstructed for historical accuracy.

Wide support

A wide variety of vintage computers, operating systems and web browsers are supported.

No proprietary software

ProtoWeb can be accessed through standard web proxy technologies, which are supported in almost every browser available.

Thousands of file downloads

Not only do we host the entire websites, we also host their file downloads that are no longer available on the Internet.

Surf the Web!

The experience is completed by period correct search engines that allow you to search the comprehensive archive, and discover new sites on ProtoWeb.

FTP Enabled

Access and browse restored historical FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites with your web browser.

Browser support

Our service uses a widely supported feature in web browsers called HTTP proxies. Due to the standard nature of this technology, our services have been tested to work with a wide variety of web browsers from different eras.

Partial list supported websites

For an idea of what historical websites you can currently access, we’ve compiled a short list of restored domains. 

For a full list, visit while browsing Protoweb.

  • 3D Realms (
  • Capcom (
  • Compaq (
  • (
  • Dopefish Lives! (
  • Epic MegaGames (
  • GT Interactive (
  • HappyPuppy (
  • id Software (
  • Netscape Home (
  • Psygnosis (
  • Yahoo (
  • Numerous FTP sites (,,,,…)