ProtoWeb Browser is the easiest way to browse ProtoWeb. It works out of the box, no proxy configuration is required. It works on computers both retro and modern. 

Note! Protoweb Browser does not currently support Flash or WarpStream. To use Flash and WarpStream, please use RetroZilla (Protoweb Edition) web browser instead. Our special version includes Flash preinstalled and is preconfigured to be used on Protoweb.


No Proxy configuration

ProtoWeb Browser is automatically configured with the ProtoWeb proxy, no proxy configuration is required.  Just download and install it and start browsing ProtoWeb right away.

Supports PCs new and old

ProtoWeb Browser runs on Windows 98, up to and including the latest Windows 11. You can run it retro and modern PCs alike.

System Requirements

The Protoweb Browser runs on most versions of Windows, from Windows 98 to the latest version of Windows 11. Older versions of Windows may require a .NET Framework 2.0 installation, see below for installation notes.
  • Windows 98 or newer
  • .NET Framework 2.0

– Windows 98 requires the original version of .NET Framework 2.0, SP1 and SP2 do not support Windows 98.
– NET Framework 2.0 has a prerequisite of Internet Explorer 5.01 or later on Windows 98. Windows Installer 2.0 may also be a prerequisite. The .NET Framework 2.0 installer will notify you of any prerequisite you require.
– Windows 2000 with SP3 or later can use .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 but not SP2.
– On Windows XP you can also install .NET Framework 3.0 or 3.5 as they also include .NET Framework 2.0.
– Windows Vista and 7 should have .NET Framework 3.0 install by default which includes .NET Framework 2.0.
– Windows 8/8.1, 10 and 11 should prompt you to install the proper .NET Framework when attempting to launch the app if you do not already have it installed.
– Note that .NET Core 2.0 and .NET Standard 2.0 are NOT the same thing as .NET Framework 2.0


There are two flavors of the web browser. The Installer version comes with an installer, and will set the program up on your computer after you run the file. The Portable version is a .zip file which you will need to extract manually to a folder of your choosing, and then run from there.

Protoweb Browser Pre Rel 5 (latest version, 2023-06-20)

Protoweb Browser Pre Rel 4.1 (2023-03-05)
Having trouble? Try right-clicking the download link and selecting “Save link as”.

Pre Release 5 [] (Released 6/20/2023)

  • Added a loading indicator
  • Added the abilty to connect to the ProtoWeb Development proxy server
  • Fixed the ding when hitting enter in the address bar

Pre Release 4.1 [] (Released 3/5/2023)

  • Added the ProtoWeb logo as the app icon
  • Non-HTTP URLs can now be entered in the address bar

Pre Release 4 [] (Released 7/26/2022)

  • Updated proxy server downloading and parsing code to reflect recent changes in the ProtoWeb service
  • Added support for the PWB URL protocol (See readme for more info)
  • Added a Help menu
  • Added a readme file
  • Added an About Box

Pre Release 3 [] (Released 8/19/2021)

  • Proxy server info is no longer hard coded into the application. It is now downloaded from the server and parsed.
  • Enhanced toolbar with new icons, larger buttons and text underneath each button

Pre Release 2 [] (Released 5/25/2021)

  • Implemented Settings window with the ability to switch between proxy servers
  • Home button now goes to when clicked
  • Added a basic installer

Pre Release 1 [] (Released 5/15/2021)

  • Initial release
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Protoweb Browser can only be used to browse sites on ProtoWeb. It cannot be used as a general-purpose browser.