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What is ProtoWeb?

We are a team of volunteers providing a range of Classic Internet and Network services for the retro computing community. ProtoWeb is an archival project and a public service that hosts restored historical websites from the early days of the Internet and focuses on ease of access and usability. ProtoWeb also hosts several classic FTP sites that served users with driver downloads and other resources. Content is being curated and added daily.

Our service is in BETA, and is currently going through a very substantial development phase as we build the tools and documentation to support the service, while concurrently building up the planned extensive library of classic web sites and resources.

Getting Started

All you need is a networked computer and a supported web browser. You will need to add our proxy servers to the web browser of your choice to access the service. If you have a modern computer, you can download and install RetroZilla, which renders many websites the way they were intended. Many supported browsers have instructions how to setup in our quick start guide.

There are many websites available on ProtoWeb. For full description and documentation, please visit our Getting Started guide.


Own an old
internet machine


Get a browser
& set it up


Surf the web like
it's 1995

Get in touch with us

Talk about ProtoWeb, websites, make bug reports, or just hang out with like-minded people! Click on the Facebook link below to open up the ProtoWeb Facebook group, or Discord logo to chat live with us.