You are currently viewing – The Problems of the Past, Today! is now available to browse on Protoweb. View Over 9000 flash animations and games from the early 2000’s. Enjoy some of the earliest internet memes in their purest form. Marvel at the crude & questionable tastes of teenagers 20 years ago. Gaze deep into the flash portal and it gazes back at you. Compatible with any browser running Flash Player 5 or newer.

A large effort was put into scraping and curating as many submissions, comments, profiles & reviews as possible from this early era of Newgrounds. Many of the flash files presented in this restoration are no longer available on Newgrounds today.

This restoration from 2003 contains most of the elements Newgrounds was known for, including the flash portal, and a curated section for games and toons. The Genres and Series section features write-ups from Tom Fulp on the history of Newgrounds, its early memes and subcultures. I recommend checking this section out if you are new to the site.

Flash files were sourced from BlueMaxima’s Newgrounds Auditorium & Flashpoint projects,, swfchan and Special thanks to Oliver for his work fixing size issues on the movie player page.

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