You are currently viewing has been added to ProtoWeb! MacPlay was a division of Interplay that published games for the Macintosh from the early 90s to 1997. This site restoration includes all the original game demos and most of the patch files for the games. Unlike the other restorations I’ve done for ProtoWeb, there were almost no missing images. The site was very well preserved. The most challenging part was tracking down all the demos. It took countless hours of searching online to find them. The site Classic Macintosh Game Demos was a big help with this. I found most of the demos there. I also got one from the CD of an Interplay product I own and another from an archive of a magazine cover disc. All the patches I was able to find came from The Patches Scrolls website. Because of this, finding the patches was easier than finding the demos and took much less time. I didn’t think I’d find any of the patches.

The Star Trek Starfleet Academy (SFA) website that is part of was a challenge. It has a Java applet that is used extensively throughout the site. I initially thought that the applet was missing but I found it in the root folder of the SFA site. It also had missing mouse over images I had to deal with on almost every page. There was also another Java applet used on the contest page of the SFA site. That applet was missing and was not archived. Luckily the text that was to be shown in that applet was in the markup for the applet on the page. So, I put the text directly on the page. The Star Trek Starfleet Academy website was tested with Java 1.1.2 included in Netscape 4.04 and Java 1.0.2a included in 3.04 Gold. The applet worked in these browsers. The applet did not work in Internet Explorer 5 with Java 5/1.5 installed. Therefore, this portion of the site is best experienced with a browser with an early version of Java.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site and downloading and playing the demos on your classic Mac.

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