You are currently viewing – Live internet radio for retro PC’s is now available on Protoweb. SHOUTcast is a streaming media service primarily associated with Nullsoft’s Winamp, created in 1998 and still used today for many internet radio stations. This restoration of the site features a browsable directory with thousands of live stations from varied genres and languages. You can easily tune into stations using the “Tune In” button listed next to each station.

To get started, you need a media player with .pls support. The one pictured here is Winamp v2.76. The site recommends using Winamp version 2.05+ for Windows, Audion for Mac, and XMMS for Linux. When clicking the tune-in button, a download window will appear prompting you to open the playlist file (Internet Explorer) or associate it with an app (Netscape). After completing this step, the playlist will open in Winamp and begin playing.

The directory can be filtered by genre, bitrate or search term. It also features live data for currently playing tracks and listener counts, pulled using the modern Shoutcast directory API.

The Shoutcast protocol has changed very little in 20+ years, allowing this restoration to be made possible. Since many broadcasters rely on it remaining stable, it is also unlikely to change in the future.

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