I picked this site as my first to restore for a few personal reasons. Primarily because it represents one of the very few times that my dad had purchased something extravagant for the family. This was the only time I remember seeing him purchase something on the spot. This happened at a temporary PrimeStar vendor stand outside of a K-Mart in South Carolina. Secondly, PrimeStar opened a new world to me that I wasn't even aware of at the time. That was the world of documentary television. When I was in high school I began to fall in love with history. What helped to propel this appreciation for history was the availability of The History Channel that was beamed into my home via PrimeStar. I didn't really watch a whole lot of regular TV as a kid, but suddenly I found myself checking TV listings to learn about upcoming episodes that discussed some long lost civilization or peoples that I had yet to learn about. My favorite show at the time was the weekly series "In Search of History". Nowadays the History channel is a shadow of its former self, broadcasting mostly conspiracy-theory episodes and odd fringe television series. But I recall a time where I would look forward to that weekly episode of "In Search of History" and marvel at some historic topic.


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